07 February 2009

Bessie Wolcott Hamstreet & Roger

This photo is of Bessie Hamstreet and her oldest son Roger. Roger looks like he could be about 2 years old.

I love the clothes Bessie is wearing. Notice all the buttons. She and Roger are wearing hats and Bessie is holding gloves. Did you notice the style of children wearing white?

05 February 2009

Tyra Christianson

This is a picture taken in 1924. Tyra Christianson is with her children Myrtle, Roy & Gertrude. This photo was taken about 2 years before her husband Christ died.

Tyra was a talented seamstress and probably made much of the family's clothing. I can't imagine dressing young children in white clothing, but that was the style in the 1920's. Don't you just love the bob hair cuts. What a cute family!